Buying Your Property

melbourne suburbs

$250,000 home still a possibility

While the price of property seems to go ever upward, buyers can still find a home for $250,000 if they are realistic about what to expect. If you’re in the hunt for a bargain property, it’s undoubtedly harder than it used to be. According to research company CoreLogic RP Data, sales below … [Read More...]

Maintaining Your Property

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Seven things home buyers want

There are obvious features to promote when selling your home, but you might be surprised by some of the things buyers are looking for. Home buyers usually have a list of key features in mind when they start hunting for a home. And while sellers know it’s important to play up key features such … [Read More...]

Money Smarts

John Symond

Dear John – how can I reduce Christmas spending?

Q: I love Christmas and spending quality time with family, but it’s always such a drain on the finances. Do you have any tips or ideas on how to save money at Christmas? A: Christmas is around the corner and it can be a very expensive time of year. Being conscious of your expenditure is a good … [Read More...]

Mortgage Broking

negative gearing

Myths about negative gearing

Negative gearing is often regarded as the key to successful property investment but that is not always the case. Ahhh … negative gearing! As Aussie as meat pies, zinc cream and “Oi oi oi,” negative gearing has long been the go-to strategy for aspiring investment property owners. But while it … [Read More...]