Buying Your Property

Auction tips

An insider’s look at buying at auction

Do you have your eyes on a property that’s going to auction? Read on to get some auction insight. Buying at auction is increasing in popularity in many capital cities around the country. If, like me, you’ve never had to bid at an auction it can be hard to work out what’s the best auction … [Read More...]

Maintaining Your Property

renovation apps

Smart phone apps to revolutionise your renovation

We’ve done a roundup of some awesome apps to make home improvements oh so easy. Forget the drills, hammers and grinders – for just a couple of bucks a great app can be your best renovation tool. We look at 10 of the best. ColourMatch – this clever app lets you match a colour you’ve seen … [Read More...]

Money Smarts

tax time love

5 tax tips to cut end of financial year stress

These simple steps can help make tax a treat instead of a tedious task. There's a lot to love about tax time. After all, it can mean receiving a welcome tax refund and with our five simple steps you could find tax time is a lot less stressful than you expect. Gather your paperwork Preparing a … [Read More...]

Mortgage Broking

home loan only loan

Could your home loan be your only loan?

Today’s low interest  rates can make debt consolidation a smart idea worth considering. It’s amazing to think that the official cash rate is at its lowest level in 60 years. Who would have thought a few decades ago that home loan interest rates of less than 5% would be common, with some even now … [Read More...]