Add Value

5 ways to add value to your home with $20,000

For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we’ll ever make. Outside of school or the workplace, it’s also the space where we spend most of our waking hours. Refinancing your home and extending your mortgage by just $20,000 can give you a chance to make your home much more comfortable for your family and guests. And you can also make it a project that may add value if you decide to sell in years to come.

Low Rates

How low can rates go?

It’s every mortgage holder’s worst nightmare: what if interest rates return to the mid-teens, as we saw in the early nineties? The good news is that scenario is highly unlikely to occur, and there are steps you can take now to protect yourself if it does.

Buying Your Property

invest interstate

How to invest in property interstate

What you need to know to be a long distance landlord It’s always tempting to invest in your local area – after all, it can be very handy to have a rental property a short drive or even a brief stroll away from home. However, one of the golden rules of investing is to diversify your assets, and … [Read More...]

Maintaining Your Property

Money Smarts

Use Equity

Unlocking equity to secure your future

Got big plans for you and your family? Using the equity in your home can be the ideal way to finance your goals. Paying off your mortgage might be an important priority, but it’s well worth balancing your goal of becoming debt-free against the benefits of having money to enhance your lifestyle or … [Read More...]

Ask John Symond

John Symond

Dear John – Is now the time to refinance?

Q: I took out my mortgage at the start of 2014. It’s a variable-rate loan and I’ve been happy with the RBA’s interest rate cuts. But I’ve seen some really low rates advertised – is it too soon to look at refinancing? A: Aussie borrowers have become very savvy, and very value-conscious; the days … [Read More...]