Buying Your Property

selling property

Seven things home buyers want

There are obvious features to promote when selling your home, but you might be surprised by some of the things buyers are looking for. Home buyers usually have a list of key features in mind when they start hunting for a home. And while sellers know it’s important to play up key features such … [Read More...]

Maintaining Your Property

kitchen renovation

Renovations that add the most value

When you’re planning to give your home a makeover, it’s a good idea to think about where best to spend your hard earned cash. Everyone wants to maximise that precious renovation budget to achieve a better return when it’s time to sell. But if your funds won’t stretch to the entire home and … [Read More...]

Money Smarts

online shopping

Keeping internet retail therapy in check

Ease and convenience make internet shopping tempting but what can you do if it gets out of hand? Online shopping makes it easier than ever to spend our hard-earned cash, and it can be a financially crippling experience for some. But that hasn’t stopped Australians engaging in it with growing … [Read More...]

Mortgage Broking

negative gearing

Myths about negative gearing

Negative gearing is often regarded as the key to successful property investment but that is not always the case. Ahhh … negative gearing! As Aussie as meat pies, zinc cream and “Oi oi oi,” negative gearing has long been the go-to strategy for aspiring investment property owners. But while it … [Read More...]