Buying Your Property

questions first home buyer

Common questions first home buyers ask

Buying your first property can be a whole new world of strange lingo, stress and confusion. But it doesn’t have to be! To help you get up to speed with the financial aspects of buying property, we have asked our brokers what are the most common questions first home buyers ask AND what their … [Read More...]

Maintaining Your Property

Money Smarts

home equity

Home equity – your untapped wealth

Your home equity could offer a source of low cost funds that can be used to achieve personal goals. It’s no secret that the property market took off in 2014 and 2015 in many parts of Australia. So what does that mean for home owners? The bottom line is that you could be sitting on a gold mine … [Read More...]

Ask John Symond

John Symond

Dear John – how can I establish a good credit rating?

Q: My older brother recently applied for a home loan and got declined because he has a bad credit score. I thought he was good with his money, so now I’m worried that I might end up in the same situation! I’m 18 so probably at least five years off needing a home loan, but what should I be doing now … [Read More...]