Buying Your Property

Maintaining Your Property

how to grow wealth

5 resolutions to grow wealth

Put yourself on track for an awesome 2015/16. Get serious about building your prosperity in the new financial year with five key strategies. 1. Review your rental return If the lease on your rental property is coming up for renewal, talk to your property manager about increasing the rent. It’s … [Read More...]

Money Smarts

grocery saving tips

How to halve your weekly grocery bill

Money-wise Australians are looking for ways to get better value, and with a good chunk of spending going towards groceries, this is one area where smart shopping can serve up big savings. Research in 2011 found we spend around $200 each week on groceries1 though the current figure could be higher … [Read More...]

Mortgage Broking

home loan only loan

Could your home loan be your only loan?

Today’s low interest  rates can make debt consolidation a smart idea worth considering. It’s amazing to think that the official cash rate is at its lowest level in 60 years. Who would have thought a few decades ago that home loan interest rates of less than 5% would be common, with some even now … [Read More...]