Buying Your Property

stages home construction

Five Stages of Home Construction – Infographic

Planning to build a new home but not sure what’s involved? This infographic will help! There really is nothing quite like the thrill of planning, building and moving into a brand new home that’s all your own – from the choice of site through to the layout and fittings. It’s not just an … [Read More...]

Maintaining Your Property

holiday savings

A home away from home

Home swapping could be the key to a low cost holiday. If you want a fun vacation without the sting of a mammoth hotel bill, home swapping could be the answer. Yes, it does involve allowing complete strangers into your place but a global survey of home swappers found 93% were satisfied with … [Read More...]

Money Smarts

five ways to save big

Five ways to save big this year

Check out these clever ideas to put big savings back in your wallet. As a first home owner, money can be a little tight. The good news is that there is a surprising number of ways to beef up your budget with big savings. Take a look at our suggestions and try one or two, or have a go at them … [Read More...]

Mortgage Broking


Dear John – what are the costs of buying a home?

Q: I had been thinking about buying my first property and have a deposit saved up, but I hadn’t factored in stamp duty. Now I’m worried I’ve missed other big costs, so what are the costs of buying a first home? A: In addition to your home buying deposit, your budget should allow for a number of … [Read More...]