Younger Generation Staying at Home Longer: Govt Report

Melbourne | Photo: patrickoberem

Anecdotally it seems as if Gen Y are staying at home with their parents longer, but now it seems it is the case with a new report released by the Federal Government which lays the blame on housing affordability.

The State of Australian Cities Report, released by Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese, revealed the relatively uninterrupted trend since 1994 of fewer people per household showed unexpected changes last year.

It suggested that housing affordability may be encouraging young people to stay living in the family home longer or join share houses, as housing affordability or the lack of housing has forced the young to adapt.

According to the report, just over three-quarters of all Australians live in 17 major cities with populations over 100,000 at the 2006 Census.

The majority of urban Australians live in the five largest cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The population is projected to reach more than 35 million people by around midcentury according to both ABS and Treasury projections. Most of this growth (72 per cent) will be in the capital cities.

State of Australian Cities Report